Child Development and Immunisation Clinic

Please contact Reception to book your child development check and immunisation appointments.

These clinics are run by our Health Visitor, and Dr Jabbar, for child developmental checks and immunisations in conjunction with an experienced Practice Nurse, and allow an opportunity to discuss other problems, eg sleeping, feeding and child health worries with a Doctor or Health Visitor.

We immunise children in line with the national programme please contact Reception for further details.

For up to date advice please refer to NHS Choices:

Important Note: All parents are reminded that when your baby or child needs to have its immunisation, the parents will need to be present or give written permission for their child to receive an immunisation. If a booking is made and the parents are not bringing the child in themselves, written and signed confirmation must accompany the child stating that the parents are happy for this procedure to occur. Otherwise the Surgery is unable to proceed.