Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Introduction and Background to Elsenham Surgery PPG

The PPG started as a virtual group back in 2012. This group never met or held meetings but communicated with the practice via email. Then in 2014 we decided to form an actual group who could meet here at the surgery on a regular basis. We asked for volunteers who would be committed to supporting the Surgery and its patients and many of todays members have been in the group from the very beginning. We are extremely fortunate to have such a supportive and active PPG; and by working together, we have achieved a number of projects – we are exceedingly grateful for all they do. 

Patient Participation is about patients working with their practice to

  • offer patient feedback about their experiences with the practice
  • improve communication
  • promote good health
  • make the most of practice resources
  • help improve practice services
  • offer practical support
  • offer opinions on services provided
  • help implement positive changes

Patient Participation is not

  • time-consuming
  • a forum for complaints
  • a vehicle for people to resolve their own personal issues
  • a doctors’ fan club!

We hope that you too, will join our Patient Participation group.

Thank you and WELCOME to the Elsenham Surgery PPG.

Our PPG Information

Patient Membership

  • TBC

Meeting Dates 2023

Meeting Dates:

  • TBC

Please contact the surgery for any questions.