Tests & Results

Please telephone the surgery between 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm on 01279 814730 for your test results.

We will sometimes ask patients to arrange a telephone consultation if we feel that the results need explaining. Asking you to call does not mean there is anything seriously wrong.

Note: It is the patient’s responsibility to contact the surgery for the test result, and for reasons of confidentiality, results will only be given to the patient and not the relatives, unless the patient is under 16 years of age.

We will always contact you as soon as we receive your results if any urgent attention is required.

Your Results

Your doctor sees all test results and x-rays before they are filed.

Test results can sometimes take a while to become available.

As a guide, please allow:-

  • for blood results and swabs – 3-5 working days
  • for x-ray and scan results – 7-14 working days
  • for cervical smear test results – ~2-3 weeks (which will be sent to you in writing)
  • for histology of say a mole – ~ 6 weeks

Note: Please contact the Practice Nurse with any medical queries you may have once you have received your cervical smear test results.


If you are asked to provide a specimen, please ask for a specimen container from reception or the nursing team.

Please ensure you write your name and date of birth clearly on the outside of the container.

In the interests of hygiene, the specimen container should be placed in the bag provided. Specimens are sent to the hospital laboratory Monday to Friday at 12 noon – please ensure that we receive any specimens before 12 noon

Blood Tests

Blood tests can be done for over 75’s, vulnerable patient or anyone who needs a blood test as part of an annual review.

You should book an appointment with the health care assistant for these to be done.

The collection service comes at about 12 noon so all specimens need to be here by then.

Certain blood tests need to be done whilst you are fasting

that is you have your evening meal say at 7pm

and then nothing more until you have the test.

Do continue to drink water and take any regular medication.

Urine Tests

These come in three types:-

  • Testing with a strip – can be done at any time
  • Urine for culture at the lab to grow bacteria – (MSU) – need to be sterile and delivered in the morning.
  • 24 hour urine – you will need special instructions for these

Please do remember to write your name on the sample bottle.

Faeces Tests

These come in two types:-

  • Occult blood tests checking for blood in the faeces need to be taken on 3 separate occasions
  • Faeces culture for example if you have diarrhoea – a small sample is all that is required.

Please do remember to write your name on the sample bottle.