Everybody deserves to live and die well and this is more likely to be achieved by talking about it early on. The following information may assist you with thinking about, talking and planning for your future care and wishes.

Useful websites:

DNACPR patient leaflet:

Advance Care Planning and Preffered Priorities, including guidance for relatives: priorities for care for relatives (PPC).pdf

My funeral wishes form:

What To Do In Time Of Bereavement

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance 01279 814730

If death occurs at home:

  1. Telephone the doctor. He or she will visit to confirm death has taken place.
  2. Contact the funeral director.
  3. Collect the doctor’s death certificate from the surgery. (You will be told when this will be available for collection.)

When death occurs in hospital:

  1. Contact the funeral directors to inform them that their services will be required.
  2. Collect doctor’s certificate from the hospital.


Take the death certificate to the registrar’s office for the area in which the death took place. Also take the deceased’s medical card if available.

Take the green form to the funeral directors who will take over complete responsibility for arranging the funeral.