Fees & Charges

Non-NHS Services / Private Fees

Our priority is NHS work. Non-NHS work is charged in line with British Medical Association Guidelines.

Medical Examinations

Some insurance and medical forms can appear deceptively simple but time is needed to often review your whole medical records and ensure even simple forms are completed accurately otherwise they can invalidate any current or future claims that you make. For this reason, even a simple question can take a considerable time to review all your medical records on computer, and despite being summarised on the computer this often only has significant diagnoses and so we are usually still required to go back to the old paper records and read them for consultations, hospital letters and investigation results over the years.

Some forms need a full medical examination for their completion. Examinations of this nature take time and, therefore, a fee has to be charged. In this case, a special appointment will be required and a fee payable. Please advise the reception staff at the time of booking. It is extremely helpful if the form can be left at the surgery prior to your appointment.

Pre-employment, HGV and PSV licenses are not paid for by the NHS.


The Doctor is only allowed to sign a passport application if they have known you personally for a minimum of two years. There is a fee for this.

Cancellation of Holiday

Holiday cancellation insurance does not require a Doctor’s letter. It needs an official claim form obtained from your insurers (part of which you need to complete). If the Doctor is asked to sign the form, it will be checked and completed as appropriate. There is a fee for this.


The following are charges for services that are not covered by the General Medical Services contract and have to be paid as a private service.

Payment for most services will be required up front or in advance (particularly in the case of private immunisations and travel vaccinations).

Elsenham Surgery Private Fees